The Intangibles Project is a joint effort between Cyan and a select group of content building fans within the Myst community. The project is separated into two tiers, the Gateway and Intangibles.

Gateway Project

The goal behind the Gateway project is to get “fan Ages” onto the MOULa shard run by Cyan. At the moment there are three purposed avenues to get this done, the library Age Sevkor (which seems to no longer be active), a Nexus Age called Kor’Tiwah, and a Guild of Maintainers access point in the existing Nexus.

However, only one of those areas (at this point most likely the Maintainer Nexus Access Point or Kor’Tiwah) will actually be used in the game.

Fan Ages that pass quality control (fit the aesthetic of Uru and don’t have lore issues) will be added to the gateway access point. Depending on the quality of the content it then might be promoted to the main Cyan Nexus, and exceptional Ages/Areas may find themselves actually added to the cavern (i.e., a Linking Book in the Museum).

At least that is the working plan as it stands at the moment (Cyan may decide to do things differently closer to content being ready for launch).


Cyan had quite a few items in the pipeline when Uru was canceled, these ranged from Ages to areas within the Cavern. Using concept art already existing publicly (and items released recently) and bugging the folks at Cyan on a frequent basis (sorry Rawa) the group is working on building these Ages and areas up to be added to the MOULa server.

The Projects page contains a list of the Ages and areas that are being worked on in this first stage.