I want to help, can I?
At the moment we are not recruiting new members to the group, but there will be a possibility of helping in the future when we open things up more.
Is Cyan ok with this?
Yes, we have the backing of Cyan and they have been helping us considerably with details of lore and other items that have risen.
How long until we see stuff on the server
It’s not going to be a fast process. The group is working on this in our spare time and there is a lot of work that goes into Age building not to mention all the scripting that makes things work. Once content is ready to go then it will also have to go through a period of testing before it shows up on the MOULa server.
Is it true you beaned a clown with your car and buried him in your back yard?
I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of a clown under my back garden
But your patio honks when I walk across it
Yeah it’s…weathering..