• Bahro Age Phase 1
  • D’ni Aquarium Phase 4
  • D’ni Figurine Shop* Phase 1
  • Katha Island Phase 1
  • Dahtahmnay Phase 1
  • Kahlo Phase 4b
  • Kalamee Phase 2
  • Pento Phase 1
  • Pirahnay Phase 1
  • Rebek Phase 3
  • Venalem Phase 1
  • “Bead Age” Phase 3
  • “Jellyfish Age” Phase 3

Development Process

The development process follows a similar set of miles stones, set out as phases.

  • Phase 1: Initial Mapping – entails preliminary exploration, documentation and mapping of an area.
  • Phase 2: Structural Analysis – all structures in the area are examined for structural integrity and stability.
  • Phase 3: Detailed Analysis – a revision of the documentation created in Phase 1. The Age/Area is thoroughly examined and surveyed, to produce more accurate maps and uncover as much about the Age/Area as possible.
  • Phase 4: Development – the most substantial phase of the development process in which the area is brought as close as possible to its planned condition through repair, construction and document restoration. All safety issues in an area are also addressed in this stage to ensure that the area is suitable for public exploration.
  • Phase 5: Limited Access – the area is opened to authorized explorers only, in order to work out any final problems before full public release.